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انظر أسفل الصفحة لبعض المعلومات بالعربية

Great Deals for Callback Resellers

To those in the telecommunication business, we offer a one-stop solution for telecom resellers; whether in call centers or for phone card distributors and agents. Through state-of-the-art facilities, our carrier provides a full range of network and billing services for almost any international application. BTI can provide you with highly competitive wholesale rates. As an agent, you can be on our platform selling to your own clients at the retail rate you would like.

Best of all, our rates are competitive and the quality of service is the best available. Resellers, their agents and distributors can manage, sell and monitor accounts 24/7. Your Online Agent Management Account gives you complete control of your business. All information is in Real Time. Here are some of the features that come with the Wholesale Platform:

Tier 1 routing We use tier 1 carriers nearly for all destinations – some of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, including AT&T, Sprint, and MCI. We do not terminate using VoIP carriers like many of our competitors do. 

Online billing we have an online portal that serves as an excellent tool for our subagents and customers around the globe. Customers and subagents are able to view their call detail online for any service that we offer. You can bill your client in full minute increments while your wholesale account is billed in 6-second increments after the first 30 seconds. This will help increase your margins

Wholesale / Retail invoicingProvide us with the retail rates you wish to charge your customers and we’ll upload it into the system.  Your customers can log on and view their account balance and call detail based on the rates you charge them.  You will be able to view your wholesale balance separately.

Online CallBack changeThe ability for customers and subagents to change DIDs’ CallBack numbers from our website.

Ability to post deposits to retail accounts – agents and resellers will be able to post money to your customers’ accounts without having to contact customer service. Once you receive a payment from your customer, you can recharge their account from our website.

SMS CallBackOur latest innovation allows your customers to trigger their CallBack service by sending an SMS text message from their mobile phone. This is an excellent feature for customers in countries that try to block CallBack or for customers wanting to activate CallBack cards. You can also trigger your CallBack via e-mail, our website, a wireless handheld device, or your mobile phone.  You can even transfer funds between accounts via SMS!

Flexibility -- We can also provide the wholesale package you want in pre-paid PIN’s you can sell your clients in any amounts you would like such as $5, $10 or $20 each.

Caller ID Callback Trigger – this feature allows customers to dial a universal callback access number, and once our system receives their Caller ID information (ANI), it will initiate a Callback to the customer. The customer will be asked to enter their Account Code (Pin #), and if the account code is valid and has funds on it, the customer will then be allowed to dial his destination number. Furthermore, if your phone number is already stored in the system, it will not prompt you for your Account Code.

If you are interested in wholesale, please contact us at btiphone@sbcglobal.net. Our reduced wholesale rates are available to resellers with a minimum pre-payment of  $2,000.

فرصة مميزة للعمل في مجال الاتصلات من أي مكان الى أي مكان في العالم 

شركتنا تقدم البيع بالجملة لأصحاب مراكز الاتصالات أو للموزعين لبطاقات الاتصالات. نوفر لكم الأسعار المنافسة والجودة الأفضل للبيع بالجملة باستطاعتك كوكيل استخدام أنظمتنا للبيع بالصورة والسعر اللدين تريد, كما ويمكنك أن تراقب حسابات زبائنك 24/7 من خلال نظام معلوماتي متطور يجعلك دوماً في موقع السيطرة. بعض خصائص خدمة شركتنا للبيع بالجملة هي: 

نستخدم افضل الشبكات للاتصالات الدولية:  1.

ATT, MCI & Sprint

2. لدينا امكانية توفير كل ما يتعلق بالفواتير وحسابات الزبائن آلياً على شبكة الانترنت. 

3. يمكننا برمجة أنظمتنا لمحاسبة زبائن كل وكيل بحسب الاسعار التي يختارها, فأنت تختار نسبة الارباح التي تريدها. 

4. بامكان الوكلاء والزبائن تغيير ارقامهم على الانترنت.

5. يتمكن الوكلاء من الزيادة على حسابات الزبائن وإدارتها من أي مكان وفي أي وقت. 

6. يمكنك الحصول على مكالمة لفتح الخط الدولي عبر الانترنت و البريد الالكتروني والهاتف الجوال إضافة إلى الرقم الخاص بكل حساب. 

7. اليسر في توفير أرقام لبطاقات الاتصالات بالمبالغ التي تريد: 10,20, 50 دولار ... إلخ. 

نرجو الاتصال بنا على البريد الاكتروني ادناه, واسعارنا الخاصة ببيع الجملة موفرة لأي حساب بما لا يقل عن 2000 دولار.